Duluth News Tribune: Metsa's memoir reveals a lot, but not everything

Longtime singer-songwriter with a distinct voice Paul Metsa, whose first gigs were at Iron Range gatherings, has just released a tell-almost-all memoir.

Metsa_BlueMetsa’s music career started with family functions, keg parties and dance halls. His first official gig under his own name was at the NorShor Theatre in Duluth in 1984. He has tested the scene in other major music markets, but has found most of his success in his home state.

Metsa played the first Bayfront Blues Festival in 1989 — he’s made regular reappearances since — and has been a longtime friend of event organizer Chris Mackey.

“If someone gets called back repeatedly, obviously they’re a crowd favorite and people like to see them,” Mackey said. “When you’re playing in the blues vein of things, longevity is important. You do get young artists who hit it big right away. But people like to see people who have been in the business and doing it as long as he has. He’s not just a singer, he’s a performer and he’s always got something new to show.”

Published in: Duluth News Tribune
By: Christa Lawler

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