Documentary based on "Pink Ribbons, Inc." to show at Toronto International Film Festival

The documentary "Pink Ribbons, Inc." by Quebec filmmaker Lea Pool is based on UMP's book of the same name by Samantha King.

What could be more Canadian than a hockey drama set in an Indo-Canadian community?

Among the Canadian films to be featured at the Toronto International Film Fest is Breakaway, Robert Lieberman’s movie about an all-Sikh hockey team starring comedian Russell Peters and actor Robe Lowe. In it, Anupam Kher who in 2002 played a London father with a soccer-playing daughter in Bend It Like Beckham, now plays a Toronto-area father with a hockey-playing son. ...

Pink Ribbons, Inc: Award-winning Quebec filmmaker Lea Pool examines how the reality of breast cancer has become obfuscated by a pink story of success that marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause.”

Published in: National Post
By: Melissa Leong

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