Diet Soap Podcast #143: Liking and Linking a Culture through Criticism

Mark Dery discusses I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS on Diet Soap Podcast.

Dery_Bad coverThe guest this week is the cultural critic Mark Dery whose book I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts is currently out from the University of Minnesota Press and according to publisher's weekly the book demonstrates that Dery has a keen eye for absurdity, tragedy, and everything in between. This was a hour and half conversation about Late Capitalist Cultural Criticism and so this week we'll just hear Dery explain what it means to be a cultural critic and what it means specifically to be such a critic in the internet age. ...

The music in and sound clips in this episode includes Ensign in Red singing Catch the Enterprise, the Vitamin String Quartet's cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, and Marcel Duchamp's pointing to the difference between aesthetics and taste. Right now you're listening to the Sleeping Bear String quartet covering Sweet Dreams are Made of This by the Eurythmics.

Listen here.

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