Detroit Lakes Newspaper / Bookworm Sez: Book chronicles love story behind first gay marriage in U.S.

By Terri Schlichenmeyer
Detroit Lakes Newspapers / Bookworm Sez

The Wedding Heard 'Round the World (Michael McConnell and Jack Baker)There’s always been a picket fence in your future.

You could just picture it: charming spouse, two-point-five kids, minivan, Cape Cod with manicured lawn, birthday parties on the patio, all surrounded by that picket fence.

It was a perfect dream of a blissful life.

And, as in “The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World” by Michael McConnell with Jack Baker, as told to Gail Langer Karwoski, making history would be a nice bonus.

As a child playing with neighborhood girls, Michael McConnell remembers wanting the same thing they wanted: to grow up and marry a handsome man. Their crushes were his crushes, too, but in the 1950s, that kind of thing wasn’t discussed.

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