Dagger Zine: Lemon Jail

Dagger Zine

Sullivan_Lemon coverGawd, what a ride it was. If you read Bob Mehr’s terrific book on the Replacements, Trouble Boys, then you know what a wild journey it was from day one of that great Minneapolis band. Well, Bill Sullivan may not have been there from day one, but he jumped on board in 1983 and that was early enough to catch (or help create) all of the hijinks that was the Replacement. In this quick read (a little over 130 pages) Sullivan gives you a front-seat view because, well, he was usually in the front seat driving. Discussing specific shows, tours and a million anecdotes (like the one about Bob eating the warm tuna fish sandwich that had been on the dashboard in the hot sun and well…..yeah….oh and the tour with Tom Petty offered up  some choice tidbits as well). I mean, usually tour managers are the ones trying to quell the chaos or at least bring it down a few notches but not in this band. He was right there alongside the band, right in the thick of it. Lemon Jail is a perfect companion piece to Mehr’s book In addition to his words, Sullivan snapped hundreds of Polaroids as well which are sprinkled throughout the book so hop in the van, strap on your seat belt (or not) and go along for this ride. Sullivan doesn’t pull any punches, in fact he throws a few himself, and it’s all in the Lemon Jail!

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