Cuban Art News: Rachel Weiss on Curadores, Come Home! at Espacio Aglutinador

Interview with the author of TO AND FROM UTOPIA IN THE NEW CUBAN ART.

weiss_toandfromArt historian, author, and curator Rachel Weiss was invited by artist and curator Sandra Ceballos to create the second show in her series Curadores, Come Home! The opening took place on October 12 at Espacio Aglutinador in the Vedado district of Havana. Cuban Art News spoke with Weiss soon after she returned.

Welcome back from Havana. How did it go?

I was really happy with the show. There was a great turnout. People seemed to be really interested in the work. It was all good.

Your show is part of a series called Curadores, Come Home! Could you give us a little background on the series and your thinking about the show?

The series is in relation to a project Sandra did a few years ago called Curadores, Go Home! I didn’t see it, but apparently that was a very large, free-for-all show. So she decided to do Curadores, Come Home! This is a series of five or six projects that are all focused on invitations to people who used to be more active there, inviting us to reactivate somehow. That was how I understood it.

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