Critical Material Practices with Contemporary Art: Mondloch’s A Capsule Aesthetic

By Nathaniel Stern
Theory & Event

A Capsule Aesthetic (Kate Mondloch)Kate Mondloch’s A Capsule Aesthetic: Feminist Materialisms in New Media Art is an in-depth and lush investigation of three artists’ works, showing how each exemplifies the influence of feminism from the 1960s through today, while also pushing us to think and feel and move forward with feminism. Mondloch’s approach couples aesthetics and ethics through activist prose that is unafraid to embrace populism or pleasure, or to revisit theoretical and historical misreadings of the past (and present). This book does not attempt to explainanything. Rather, it practices, and invites us to practice, conceptual-material engagements with art, and thus sensation, perception, and action. Such practice, the author convincingly argues over the entirety of her manuscript, is intrinsically feminist.


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