Crime by the Book: Interview with Vidar Sundstøl

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Sundstøl_Devil's coverCrime by the Book: Let’s start at the beginning: what inspired you to write THE DEVIL’S WEDDING RING?

Vidar Sundstøl: The idea and inspiration came from two sources.  One is the great folklore heritage of Telemark, the area where the book takes place and where I grew up and still live.  Out of the vast reservoir of recorded Norwegian folklore – folk tales, myths, medieval ballads, children's rhymes, etc. - more than 50 % of these were collected here in Telemark, which is considered the heartland of folk tales and ancient superstitions.  And of these, the stories and legends surrounding Eidsborg stave church are among the most prominent.  
    The other source of inspiration is more personal and stems from my early childhood.  . . .

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