Community Reporter: Horticulture as the art and science of growing

By Jerry Rothstein
Community Reporter

A Field Guide to the Natural World of the Twin Cities (John J. Moriarty)Our neighborhood is blessed with one of the finest book stores focused on one topic, though it is a very broad one — horticulture as the art and science of growing, knowing and hoeing about the plant world.

Terrace Horticultural Books (THB) is the kind of place that a book lover and gardener would like to be locked into over a weekend, and even then she would not have made much of a dent in the thousands of volumes and hundreds of topics present. How to grow petunias? Biblical plants? Planning a vegetable garden? The questions could continue almost indefinitely.

THB is also one of the richest on-line sources, and owner Kent Petterson is well connected with gardeners and scholars from the Twin Cities, throughout the state and Midwest, and beyond.

Twice a year Kent holds an Open House week. In the November example, he presented his annual Terrace Award — the twelfth — to Master Gardener Warren Banks. And at the other end of the week, author John J. Moriarty came to sign copies of his new book A Field Guide to the Natural World of the Twin Cities (with photographs by Siah L. St. Clair).

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