Civil Eats: 22 Noteworthy Food and Farming Books for Summer Reading—and Beyond

By Lisa Held
Civil Eats

Food Justice Now! (Joshua Sbicca)Modern social justice movements like Black Lives Matter and the Fight for $15 are increasingly focused on intersectionality—the ways that different forms of discrimination combine and compound their effects on marginalized groups. In Food Justice Now!, sociology professor Joshua Sbicca makes an academic argument for applying that approach to the food movement. Food justice, he shows, cannot be achieved without addressing structural inequalities across multiple systems, a point he illustrates in chapters that dig into the prison-industrial complex, labor movements, and immigration. Conversely, Sbicca sees food justice as a universal cause that can unite and inspire broader social change, and his book provides a blueprint for activists who agree. “Can an expansive notion and practice of food justice create a diverse political platform that inspires new social struggles?” he asks.

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