City Pages: Brave Enough

Article on Jessie Diggins, author of Brave Enough

Travel with Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins on her compelling journey from America’s heartland to international sports history, navigating challenges and triumphs with rugged grit and a splash of glitter

At only 28 years old, cross-country skier Jesse Diggins is already the most decorated U.S. athlete of her ilk in World Championship history. Minnesota can certainly take some credit for her success: While Diggins was born to Canadian parents, she grew up in Afton, Minnesota, where she was surrounded by wilderness. She spent much of her time being active outdoors. 

“I think that really helped steer me in the direction of sports,” she says. “It was only natural that I would go from running around in the woods to running around training for skiing. It led me to appreciate sports where you could be outside.”


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