City Pages: Best Cookbook

THE BIRCHWOOD CAFE COOKBOOK is selected as the year's best cookbook.

Singleton_Birchwood coverHere in the way, way north, with our many months of winter, we need recipes to be utilitarian. Caprese salad with tomatoes red as a starlet’s lips isn’t on the menu in February. Birchwood Cafe’s got you, just as it has had us all, season after season, for 27 years. In a brilliant twist, this cookbook doesn’t stop with the four seasons. Eking out nourishing meals means having a pulse on far subtler nuances. You’ll cook through spring and summer, then enter into “scorch,” “autumn,” “dusk,” and “frost.” It is in frost when you’ll feast on buttermilk waffles with cinnamon whipped cream, or a coconut, turkey, and lime wild rice soup. Winter sounds so much less dreary when you put it that way. This is truly a cookbook for all seasons, including ones you didn’t even know we had.

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