City Pages: 5 intoxicating drinking books

Includes Doug Hoverson's LAND OF AMBER WATERS.

Hoverson_Land coverBeer has never been a bigger deal than it is right now. The Brewers Association recently released its year-end report stating that the U.S. has over 6,000 breweries in operation -- and if you live in Minnesota, you know you can’t turn around without bumping into a new brewery. For those who want to understand why people go so berserk over brewskis, delve into this 300-plus page book by Doug Hoverson. Packed with vintage and color photos, it covers the history, the laws, and the notable brands of the burgeoning local brewing scene. Beer virgins will be able to impress their guests with info about ales versus lagers, alcohol content, and why those beers should be served in a glass.

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Published in: City Pages
By: Erica Rivera