Chicago Tribune: A movable feast around Lake Superior

Review of LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS by Jim Norton and Becca Dilley.

Norton_Lake coverIf you drive the perimeter of Lake Superior, it helps to like smoked fish.

Actually, it helps if you also like beer, pasties, cudighi and pannukakku, and are game to try bison pastrami.

But, if you can't tell a smoked trout from a smoked whitefish and don't know what to do with a pannukakku when it's plopped on a plate in front of you, then get a copy of "Lake Superior Flavors: A Field Guide to Food and Drink Along the Circle Tour" by James Norton and Becca Dilley (University of Minnesota Press, $21.95).

Norton, editor of the Heavy Table (, a Minneapolis-based website celebrating all things food, has teamed with photographer Dilley for his latest book. Like the website, "Lake Superior Flavors" celebrates the culinary offerings found along the shore of the largest of the Great Lakes.

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Published in: Chicago Tribune
By: Judy Hevrdejs