CBS Minnesota features Larry Millett's Once There Were Castles

CBS Minnesota features Minnesota historian Larry Millett and his new book about lost mansions and estates in the Twin Cities.

The Twin Cities are host to some pretty tony neighborhoods. But in a new book — Once There Were Castles, Lost Mansions and Estates of the Twin Cities by Larry Millett — we find out just how far back those extravagant roots go.

Many of us have seen remnants of these posh neighborhoods our cities’ ancestors lived in; certainly some grand houses still stand in Lowertown and Dayton’s Bluff, Summit Avenue and the Hill District, and Lowry Hill and the Lake District. Few still stand in all their glory, some are in disrepair or have been split into multiple apartment complexes. But as Millett points out, what we see still standing is only a tiny fraction of what used to exist. Much of the evidence of the grandeur of our cities’ past has long been demolished in favor of ever-newer buildings and even parking lots.

Published in: CBS Minnesota
By: Coco Mault

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