Brenda Langton on WCCO

By Natalie Kane

Langton_Spoonriver coverA Twin Cities woman who’s been a real pioneer in the practice of eating organic and natural foods now has a book on the subject.

Brenda Langton is sometimes called the “mother” of fresh and local eating. She’s had several restaurants like Cafe Brenda, which is now closed. In 2006, she opened Spoonriver in downtown Minneapolis.

Brenda has a very loyal following of her cuisine. Now you can make it at home with the release of her new cookbook called, “The Spoonriver Cookbook.”

Langton’s food philosophies started at a young age.

“There was a vegetarian restaurant that opened up down the street from my mother. That was in the 70s,” Langton said. “I just fell in love and I’ve never stopped.”

Watch the segment here.