Books with Greatness in Them

Zeteo includes Univocal Publishing's BIOGEA in its list of books with greatness in them.

serres_biogea cover(1) In September of this year, the University of Minnesota Press sent me, at my request, a copy of a translation of the French philosopher Michel Serres’s Biogée, which the Press was distributing for a smaller publishing company, Univocal. As is my wont, I began reading the book to get an idea what it was like, whether it was indeed worth reviewing, and who among Zeteo’s ever-expanding corps of reviewers I should ask to review it. Serres is a very special writer— poetic or mythopoetic, one could say quickly—and not for everyone. He demands a degree of patience that I, for one, do not always have. But on pages 20 and 21 of the translation (by Randolph Burks) I came across the following awfully wonderful paragraph. I might equate it to a grain of radioactive material, for its concentrated power, its potential to illuminate in an energizing and frightening way.

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Published in: Zeteo Reviews
By: Wm. Eaton, Zeteo Editorial Adviser