Books every designer should own: Chroma

Salon lists CHROMA by Derek Jarman among its "meatier" books every designer should own.

Jarman_Chroma coverSo much for color theory and inspiration guides. What about meatier reads that help you really get inside the universe that is color? Well, I hope to be writing one of those myself now, so watch this space in Christmas 2012 for more. In the meantime, you’ll enjoy these books as heartily as I have.

Let’s start with Derek Jarman’s “Chroma.” Jarman began writing this as a simple book of essays, exploring the arcana of historical facts, anecdotes and observations he associated with each color. Midway through the book’s creation, Jarman fell ill with AIDS, which ultimately led to his demise in 1995. The book is glorious, odd, moving, personal and universal at the same time. Crack it open regularly and often; some shiny new fact about color will readily pop out.

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Published in: Salon
By: Jude Stewart