Books and Bad Habits: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Blog review of Mark Dery's collection of essays on cultural criticism.

Dery_Bad coverTonight, I finished reading Mark Dery’s I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts, a collection of essays I came across first on The glowing praise it received there inspired me to buy it at once. I am not sorry one bit.

I loved this book. At one point, while reading the book’s second essay – “Gun Play: An American Tragedy in Three Acts” – I laughed so long and hard that I was sure my neighbor would call the cops. It was the laughter of a bitter cynic, you must understand. This is what they mean by “cuttingly humorous:” it’s only funny if you have the ability to laugh at the worst stupidity of your fellow man.

The first section opens with a pondering of zombies and what they mean to us now in post-econ-meltdown days. He had me at zombies.

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