ASU News discussion with Ron Broglio: Are animals really in revolt?

ANIMAL REVOLUTION takes a hard look at real-life incidents of animals crossing boundaries between their world and humans' – from reports of radioactive boar invading towns to jellyfish disarming battleships. And it couldn't be more timely.

Why our failure to consider the power of animals is to our deep detriment"The idea is facilitating a world that accommodates more than humans. How are we accommodating bats? How are we accommodating bees? You can make spaces where these animals can thrive and dwell. In those cases, there’s no interference. In cases where there is interference, we can change our technologies to help.

"We often think about what we need, but birds need flyway spaces. Are we making flyway spaces? Butterflies who migrate here, they need milkweed. Is there milkweed around? There’s really basic elements of other worlds, and all the sudden, the world we live in becomes richer in texture."

Read the conversation with Ron Broglio at ASU News.