ASEBL Journal: Dialogues

By Gregory F. Tague
Association for the Study of (Ethical Behavior) (Evolutionary Biology) in Literature
Dialogues on the Human Ape (Dubreuil and Savage-Rumbaugh)I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to a number of audiences: those participating in lab research using primates; animal studies professionals; moral and cognitive philosophers; animal rights activists; the gamut of teachers and professors involved in interdisciplinary or consciousness studies. This book appears in an important series on Post-humanities, so academics and researchers in that field would certainly find much value in this volume as well. The book is intellectually and emotionally engaging, well written, and nicely organized.
The question of what is “human” is at the center of the book, and some uninitiated readers might find the discussion both troubling yet enlightening in how the authors suggest a redefinition of human to include great apes.