Against the Grain: Looking to Palestine

Author Keith Feldman (A SHADOW OVER PALESTINE) in a two-part interview.

Feldman_Shadow coverHow have developments in Palestine and the Arab world influenced racial attitudes and struggles in the US? Keith Feldman's book examines, among other things, how perceptions and understandings of Arabs and Palestinians helped writers like June Jordan think about both the plight of African Americans and their efforts to transform society. 

Part One.

In Part Two of our interview with Keith Feldman, he tells the story of David Graham Du Bois, a journalist and erstwhile editor of the Black Panther Party newspaper. Also, W. E. B. Du Bois, David's stepfather, spoke in an audio autobiography about student movements and pan-Africanism, and Barbara Seeber interprets Jane Austen from both animal-rights and feminist perspectives.

Part Two.

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