Access Minnesota | The Legacy of Lake Minnetonka

Interview with Eric Dregni, author of BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA.

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Eric Dregni, Associate Professor of English, Concordia University and author, “By the Waters of Minnetonka,” discusses his up-coming Continuing Education class at the University of Minnesota on the history of Lake Minnetonka.

Part One

(1:12) Minnetonka’s reputation beyond its shores (2:08) Wealth and opulence on the lake; (2:53) The geography of the lake; (3:40) The Dakota on Minnetonka; (5:02) Slavery on the lake and the ginseng trade; (6:40) James J. Hill and his influence on the lake; (7:58) The streetcar line that connected the Twin Cities to Lake Minnetonka; (9:23) Cottages on the lake; (10:23) How Minnetonka became less of a vacation destination; (11:21) The Excelsior amusement park; (12:35) Frank Lloyd Wright’s house on Minnetonka and historical preservation

Part Two

(:25) Some of the wildest stories from the lake; (2:45) Ghosts and sea serpents of the lake; (3:50) The Andrew Sisters, The Rolling Stones and lake entertainment; (5:40) Scene from “Purple Rain;” (6:50) The transition from public attractions to private properties; (8:38) How the lake has changed in recent years; (9:40) Continuing Ed class and the lake’s renovated steam boat


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