ABC Newspapers Op-ed: "The secret to coping is to avoid helplessness"

Director of the Center for School Change Joe Nathan finds inspiration from Mindy Greiling.

One mother’s fight to support her son and change a broken systemThis week I’m thinking about some of the best advice I received this year and advice from my long-departed mother. As we consider how to help children, grandchildren, youngsters and students in 2022, you might want to recall what helped you most (and you might want to write to share it with me).

Unquestionably some of the most meaningful advice came from Roseville mother, former school board member and former state legislator Mindy Greiling. Her son has schizophrenia. Greiling wrote a terrific book whose title summarizes what she has done to support and assist her son and other families dealing with this disease: “Fix What You Can” (University of Minnesota Press).

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