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The News-Gazette discusses Pam Simpson's CORN PALACES AND BUTTER QUEENS.

Simpson_Corn coverWhen Pamela Simpson, the Ernest Williams II Professor of Art History at Washington and Lee University, would tell people she was writing a history of corn palaces and butter sculptures, a common response was a blank stare and a "What?"

Simpson included that anecdote in the preface to her new book, “Corn Palaces and Butter Queens: A History of Crop Art and Dairy Sculpture” (University of Minnesota Press, April 2012). A popular and influential professor at W&L for 38 years, she had completed all but the index of the publication before she died on Oct. 4, 2011.

More than just an entertaining history of one of America's art forms, “Corn Palaces and Butter Queens” "will be THE book to fully document this sometimes odd but fascinating area of American cultural history," wrote Colleen Sheehy, author of “Seed Queen: The Story of Crop Art and the Amazing Lillian Colton,” in her review.

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