VIRAL CULTURES virtual event with University of Washington AfterLab, Marika Cifor, and Tonia Sutherland

Marika Cifor will join the University of Washington AfterLab on Tuesday, May 17 for a panel celebrating the release of her new book, VIRAL CULTURES.
When May 17, 2022
from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Where Virtual (more info below)
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Delves deep into the archives that keep the history and work of AIDS activism alive

Marika Cifor will join the University of Washington AfterLab on Tuesday, May 17 at 10:00 a.m. Central (noon Pacific) for a panel celebrating the release of her new book, Viral Cultures: Activist Archiving in the Age of AIDS, moderated by Tonia Sutherland. 

Panelists will include Lisa Nakamura, Ann Cvetkovich, Jennifer Douglas, and Sarah Nguyen. 

Please register for the virtual event here. 

Serving as a vital supplement to the existing scholarship on AIDS activism of the 1980s and 1990s, Viral Cultures is the first book to critically examine the archives that have helped preserve and create the legacy of those radical activities. Positioning vital nostalgia as both a critical faculty and a generative practice, Marika Cifor explores the act of saving this activist past and reanimating it in the digital age.

"This is a timely, important project that adds to the conversations happening now about the early days of AIDS and AIDS activism in the United States and how we remember and document that period in the present and for the future. As we live through another pandemic, the questions Marika Cifor raises about how we document and archive illness and illness politics are especially urgent and necessary." —Lisa Diedrich, author of Indirect Action: Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, AIDS, and the Course of Health Activism

"It may be that AIDS activism’s greatest legacy will have been its archival documentation. Marika Cifor runs with that legacy by offering the first full-length study of collections that now exist in institutional repositories. Through her provocative concept of ‘vital nostalgia,’ she explores the affective importance of AIDS activist archives for her queer generation. Viral Cultures itself is an act of curatorial caretaking that keeps HIV/AIDS archival activism alive to do its work in the present." —Ann Cvetkovich, director, Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies, Carleton University

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