THE DYLAN TAPES virtual event with SubText Books and Stephanie Trudeau

Stephanie Trudeau will join SubText Books for a virtual discussion of THE DYLAN TAPES by Anthony Scaduto on Thursday, May 26.
When May 26, 2022
from 19:00 PM to 20:00 PM
Where Virtual (more info below)
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The raw material and interviews behind Anthony Scaduto’s iconic biography of Bob Dylan draw an intimate and multifaceted portrait of the singer-songwriter who defined his era

Stephanie Trudeau will join SubText Books for a virtual discussion of The Dylan Tapes: Friends, Players, & Lovers Talkin' Early Bob Dylan, by Anthony Scaduto, at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 26. 

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A celebrated actress, singer, and writer, Trudeau met Anthony Scaduto in 1972 and was his wife and research assistant from 1978 until his death. She will be joined in conversation by documentary filmmaker Dr. Susan Hagedorn.

The Dylan Tapes, compiled from thirty-six hours of interviews, is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Anthony Scaduto’s landmark 1971 biography of Bob Dylan. These reel-to-reel tapes, found in a box in Scaduto’s basement, are a never-bootlegged trove of archival material about Dylan, drawn from conversations with those closest to him during the early years of his career.

"Scaduto’s Bob Dylan is considered one of the best biographies of the iconic singer/songwriter. These insightful interviews are like pieces to a puzzle that the author ably wove together. For Dylan fans, it’s like revisiting an old friend." —Kirkus Reviews

"The life and music of the now 80-year-old Bob Dylan has been analyzed, dissected, dug into, debated, argued about and postulated on perhaps more than any other musical artist. But what The Dylan Tapes has that most of them don’t are the raw and then-relatively recent thoughts and memories of those where there, and early on in the journey." —Houston Press

"Anthony Scaduto’s seminal biography on Dylan was the first one I read. I’ll never forget coming across the line, ‘He created a new identity every step of the way in order to create identity.’ For me it was a eureka moment, this idea of Dylan creating and recreating identity, and of identity itself as something mutable and ever-changing, that would lead to the concept for my film biography, I’m Not There."—Todd Haynes

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