AFTER EFFECTS "From Grief to Hope" event at Minnesota Jewish Community Center with Andy Gilats

Andy Gilats will join Rabbi Morris Allen at the Minnesota Jewish Community Center for a discussion of her book AFTER EFFECTS on Thursday, June 2.
When Jun 02, 2022
from 19:00 PM to 20:00 PM
Where 1375 St Paul Ave, St Paul, MN 55116
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An intensely moving and revelatory memoir of enduring and emerging from exceptional griefAndy Gilats will join Rabbi Morris Allen at the Minnesota Jewish Community Center, St. Paul, for a reading, discussion, and signing of her book After Effects: A Memoir of Complicated Grief on Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 p.m. Andy and Rabbi Allen will discuss how (and whether) Jewish traditions and faith practices can accommodate the highly individual, open-ended nature of grief while offering paths toward hope and healing.

Learn more about the event and register here to reserve a seat. Registration (free) is encouraged but not required. 

In her candid, deeply moving memoir of breaking free of death’s relentless grip on her life, Andrea Gilats tells her story of living with complicated grief, offering insight and hope to others who suffer as she did. After Effects points toward a path of recuperation and provides solace along the way—a timely comfort in our pandemic-ravaged world of loss and isolation.

"I am enormously grateful that the world is finally welcoming a deeper and more complex understanding about grief and grieving. Andrea Gilats makes a vital contribution with this honest account of her husband’s death and her long journey through complicated grief to arrive at her hard-won ‘fringes of happiness.’"—Judith Barrington, bestselling author of Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art*

"Andrea Gilats has given us a beautifully written story of the heartbreaking problem of complicated grief that is now officially called prolonged grief disorder. Her detailed, honest account of almost two decades of intense suffering after the loss of her beloved life partner will help others understand that there is no shame in grieving in this way—that grief is a form of love. Importantly, though, there are ways to gently guide people like Andrea much sooner in the process to find ways to honor the deceased as well as the life of the bereaved they leave behind."—M. Katherine Shear, M.D., founder and director, Columbia University Center for Prolonged Grief*

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