Oneota Reading Journal highlights two University of Minnesota Press children's books

GRANDMOTHER'S PIGEON, by Louise Erdrich, and THE BIG ISLAND, by Julian May, are featured in the final issue of the Oneota Reading Journal.

First published in 1968, this engrossing and beautiful picture book about wildlife on Isle Royale is available againA grandmother’s sudden departure leaves her family with an even more puzzling, and wondrous, surprise in this enchanting story from the National Book Award–winning author—at last back in print

Even though Julian May (1931 – 2017) and John Schoenherr (1935 – 2010) wrote and illustrated The Big Island in 1968, readers of all ages will be captivated by the description of the emergence of the island and the development of an ecological balance among moose, wolves, and plants. Beaver and other small animals also live on the island, but wolves prefer hunting larger animals, such as the more vulnerable, older, ailing moose and calves. The predator – prey relationship among wolves and moose and moose and plants are the focus of The Big Island. The island, surrounded by Lake Superior, is part of the U. S. National Park Service, open to visitors, April 16 – October 31. 

On Grandmother's Pigeon by Louise Erdrich: An inquisitive granddaughter’s account of her mysterious, magical, loving, and skilled grandmother is as enchanting in 2021 like it was in 1996.  The acrylic and pencil-art illustrations complement the story-line and emphasize the personalities of the grandmother, grandchildren, parents, ornithologist and pigeons. Magic, science, history, adventure, family, love, freedom and loss propel the plot and character development.  

Read these and other children's book recommendations in the final issue of Luther College's Oneota Reading Journal.