Publish With Us

The University of Minnesota Press is recognized internationally for publishing innovative and boundary-breaking scholarship. The Press’s award-winning gated and open access journals program is currently looking to acquire new and existing publications in the humanities and social sciences.

We publish journals in collaboration with scholarly associations and individual editorial teams, providing several services for the preparation and distribution of content so that our partners can focus on reviewing and delivering the highest quality scholarship possible for their readers and members. Some of the services that UMP provides includes:

  • Interior and exterior design services
  • Project management and production scheduling
  • Copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and cover preparation
  • Copyright registration
  • Ongoing subscription management
  • Digital and print membership fulfillment
  • Maintaining up-to-date listings with our digital vendor partners and subscription agencies
  • Back issue digitization
  • Electronic access through our digital vendor partners
  • Single article sales
  • Advertising, online promotion, catalogs, and indexing

For more information on publishing with the University of Minnesota Press Journals Division, please contact:

Anthony Silvestri, Journals Manager