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NAISA Membership: Join or Renew

The University of Minnesota Press has formed a publishing partnership with the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA). NAISA is a professional organization dedicated to supporting scholars and others who work in the academic field of Native American and Indigenous studies. Founded in 2008, NAISA hosts the premier scholarly meeting in Native studies. The association has more than 600 members from over a dozen countries and scores of Indigenous nations and peoples. NAISA welcomes anyone working in the field to become a member and join in building the future of Native and Indigenous studies.

As part of our publishing partnership, the University of Minnesota Press has assumed responsibility for NAISA member services. Together, we have begun drawing up plans for a NAISA journal to start publication in Spring 2014.


Please join NAISA or renew your membership today by filling out the form below. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and double-check that you are filling out all fields accurately.


If you are experiencing problems with this form, you may call Amy Smith at 1-612-627-1940 to register manually.

Visit the NAISA website to learn more about the organization.

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