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International Journal of Surrealism
Editors: Katharine Conley and Alyce Mahon
The definitive journal in the growing field of Surrealist studies


2.1: The Manifesto! (extended deadline-due 3/1/24)
2.2: Surrealism and the Black World (due 6/1/24)

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International Journal of Surrealism (IJS) creates a welcome space for critical ideas and debate centered on Surrealism, its international history, and its ongoing worldwide influence on contemporary culture. The journal seeks to document, celebrate, and interrogate the intellectual and aesthetic repercussions of the Surrealist movement across a wide array of fields: literature and literary theory; painting, sculpture, and photography; performance, film, and music; and philosophy, political thought, and new media.

Encompassing both scholarly and creative perspectives on Surrealism and its global manifestations, IJS is committed to exploring the practice and reception of Surrealism around the world, throughout the Global South as well as in Europe and the Global North, within and by Indigenous cultures and international movements. IJS is attentive to individualism and collective identity; global and transcultural modernity and modernism; and science, ecology, and natural history. 

IJS upholds the mission of the International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS), serving as a platform for Surrealist studies in the contemporary moment and for the digital age.

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