Editorial Information

Editorial information for University of Minnesota Press journal Environment, Space, Place.

Troy R.E. Paddock, Professor of History, Southern CT State University

Founding Editor
Gary Backhaus

Book Review Editors
Jeffery Webb, Huntington University
Jason Matzke, University of Mary Washington

Editorial Board
Sven Arntzen, Practical Philosophy, University College of Southeast Norway
Karl Benediktsson, Geography, University of Iceland
Małgorzata Dereniowska, Philosophy, GREQAM, Aix-Marseille University
Charlie Hailey, Architecture, University of Florida
Glen Mazis, Philosophy, Penn State Harrisburg
Anna Menyhért, History, University of Amsterdam
John Murungi, Philosophy, Towson University
Peter Nekola, History, The Newberry Library
Roger Paden, Philosophy, George Mason University
John A Scott, Philosophy, Memorial University, Canada
Derek Shanahan, Geography, Millersville University
Dennis Wood, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Alex Zukas, History, National University

Editorial Inquiries and Manuscripts

Essays (between 6,000 and 10,000 words) should be prepared using Chicago Manual of Style endnotes. Authors’ names should not appear on manuscripts; instead, please include a separate document with the author’s name and address and the title of the article and an abstract with your electronic submission. Authors should not refer to themselves in the first person in the submitted text or notes if such references would identify them; any necessary references to the author’s previous work, for example, should be in the third person. Submissions and editorial queries should be sent to paddockt1@southernct.edu 


Books for review should be mailed to:

Jeffrey Webb
Review Editor, Environment, Space, Place
Department of History & Political Science
Huntington University
2303 College Avenue
Huntington, IN 46750

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

  • The editor of Environment, Space, Place is responsible for identifying and contacting peer
    reviewers, always keeping in mind potential conflicts of interest and making sure that
    submissions are evaluated in terms of scholarly content and contribution without regard to the
    identity and affiliation of the author. The editor ensures the confidentiality of authors and
    reviewers. Based on the internal and external review process, the editor decides whether to
    accept, reject, or encourage resubmission of the manuscript.


  • Guidelines for authors appear on the Environment, Space, Place website and will be
    sent on request.
  • Authors are requested to state whether the article has been submitted to or is under
    review with another publication and whether the article has previously been published
    in another language.
  • Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the
    submission. Authors should ensure that all the listed authors have seen and agreed to
    the submitted version of the manuscript and to the inclusion of their names as co-
  • Authors should fully cite the sources of information used in the research and
    acknowledge relevant scholarly publications.
  • For all illustrations, authors should adhere to guidelines concerning Fair Use.
    Questions regarding fair use can be sent to the editor or University of Minnesota Press.
  • Articles undergo an internal review by the editor and, when relevant,
    members of the Editorial Board. If submissions are deemed appropriate for the journal,
    they undergo double-blind peer review. Environment, Space, Place sends authors
    reviewer comments and a decision about publication as expeditiously as possible.
  • The decision to accept or reject an article for publication in Environment, Space,
    Place is based only on the submission’s relevance to the remit of the journal and the
    significance of the submission as a work of original scholarship. For revised
    resubmissions, authors should address all comments and suggestions by reviewers and
    provide an account of the revisions undertaken.
  • Before a submission can be published, authors will be required to sign the University
    of Minnesota Press Author Agreement and a Permissions Agreement
    regarding Illustration and Artwork.


  • Reviewers should have no potential conflict of interest.
  • Potential reviewers are provided with the title and abstract of the submission, and if they agree
    to serve as reviewers and have no conflict of interest, are sent our guidelines.
  • In our blind peer review process, the identities of the author and the reviewer are protected.
    Reviewers are requested to keep confidential all information regarding submissions
    to Environment, Space, Place.

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Reviewers

The following situations are considered conflicts and should be avoided:

  • Co-authoring publications with at least one of the authors in the past 3 years, not including edited collections
  • Being colleagues within the same section / department or similar organizational unit in the past 3 years
  • Supervising / having supervised the doctoral work of the author(s) or being supervised / having been supervised by the author(s)
  • Having a personal relationship (e.g. family, close friend) with the author(s)
  • Having a direct or indirect financial interest in the paper being reviewed

It is not considered a Conflict of Interest if the reviewers have worked together with the authors in a. collaborative project (e.g, EU or DARPA) or if they have co-organized an event (e.g. PC co-chairs)

Allegations of Misconduct

  • When there is an allegation of academic misconduct, we solicit a response from those accused,
    seek full documentation of the allegation, and take any appropriate steps through consultation
    with the Editorial Board. If the allegation proves to be valid we will publish a correction as soon
    as possible.