Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum

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Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum
Editors: Lydia Mattice Brandt and Michael J. Chiarappa, Editors
The leading source for scholarly work on vernacular architecture in North America and beyond

Buildings & Landscapes examines the built world that most people experience every day—houses and cities, farmsteads and alleys, churches and courthouses, subdivisions and shopping malls. Strongly based on fieldwork and archival research that views buildings as windows into human life and culture, articles are written by historians, preservationists, architects, cultural and urban geographers, cultural anthropologists, and others involved with the documentation, analysis, and interpretation of the built world.

Formerly titled Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, Buildings & Landscapes is published twice a year.

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    Table of Contents, Volume 17 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Introduction
    Editors’ Introduction
    A Contemporary Vernacular: Latino Landscapes in California’s Central Valley
    Urban Slavery at Work: The Bellamy Mansion Compound, Wilmington, North Carolina
    The Remittance House: Architecture of Migration in Rural Mexico
    “The Walled City”: Industrial Flux in Red Hook, Brooklyn, 1840-1920 Malka Simon Building and Rebuilding Community: Discourse, Public Memory, and the Grand Opera House of Oshkosh, Wisconsi
    Making Lahore Modern: Constructing and Imagining a Colonial City by William J. Glover
    The Row House Reborn: Architecture and Neighborhoods in New York City, 1908-1929 by Andrew Scott Dolkart
    Modernizing Main Street: Architecture and Consumer Culture in the New Deal by Gabrielle Esperdy
    Ethnoburb: The New Ethnic Community in Urban America by Wei L
    Cultural Landscapes: Balancing Nature and Heritage in Preservation Practice by Richard W. Longstreth, ed.
    Book Reviews
    Another City: Urban Life and Urban Spaces in the New American Republic by Dell Upton
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    Table of Contents, Volume 17 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Introduction
    Editors’ Introduction
    Location, Occupation, Juxtaposition, Interpenetration: Notes on an Erotics of the Mining City
    “The Lighthouse Top I See”: Lighthouses as Instruments and Manifestations of State Building in the Early Republic
    Indians at the Corn Palaces: Race and Reception at Two Midwestern Festival Buildings
    A Fly in the Amber: Route 66 Architecture at Petrified Forest National Monument
    Sex and the Single Building: The Weston Havens House, 1941-2001
  • Volume 16 - Issue 1 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 16 - Issue 1

    Editor’s Introduction
    Editor’s Introduction
    The Balloon Frame, George Snow, Augstine Taylor, and All That: A View from Abroad
    The Pennsylvania Barn as a Collective Resource, 1830-1900
    "So Majestic a Monument of Antiquity": Landscape, Knowledge, and Authority in the Early National W
    Shotgun: The Most Contested House in America
    Robert Adams and Colorado's Cultural Landscapes: Picturing Tradition and Development in the New West
  • Volume 14 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 14

    Editor's Introduction
    Editor's Introduction
    Vernacular Architecture and Public History
    Bringing "Downtown" to the Neighborhoods: Wieboldt’s, Goldblatt’s, and the Creation of Department Store Chains in Chicago
    Witnessing the In-visibility of Inca Architecture in Colonial Peru
    Thirteen Factories of Canton: An Architecture of Sino-Western Collaboration and Confrontation
    New York City’s Oyster Barges: Architecture’s Threshold Role along the Urban Waterfront
    Refiguring the Colonial City: Recovering the Role of Local Inhabitants in the Construction of Colonial Bombay, 1854–1918