Theory and Philosophy

Advances Advances Jacques Derrida 2017 Fall
An unlimited prehistory of the world that opens up its unpredictable future
Callous Objects: Designs against the Homeless Callous Objects Designs against the Homeless Robert Rosenberger 2018 Spring
Uncovering injustices built into our everyday surroundings
Veer Ecology: A Companion for Environmental Thinking Veer Ecology A Companion for Environmental Thinking Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Lowell Duckert, Editors 2017 Fall
An innovative toolkit designed to prompt new awareness of the risk and potential of living on—and with—an alarmingly dynamic planet
Life: A Modern Invention Life A Modern Invention Davide Tarizzo 2017 Fall
A paradigm-shifting genealogy of biological life as metaphysical concept rather than a scientific category
Foucault on Painting Foucault on Painting Catherine M. Soussloff 2017 Fall
A timely exploration of Foucault’s art historical and philosophical engagement with painting as knowledge
Bioaesthetics: Making Sense of Life in Science and the Arts Bioaesthetics Making Sense of Life in Science and the Arts Carsten Strathausen 2017 Fall
A comprehensive critique of the ideas behind bioaesthetics, and a necessary, methodical account of both its insights and its deficiencies
Transhumanism: Evolutionary Futurism and the Human Technologies of Utopia Transhumanism Evolutionary Futurism and the Human Technologies of Utopia Andrew Pilsch 2017 Fall
Exploring the rich history and utopian potential of transhumanism’s belief that humanity is on the cusp of radical evolutionary transformation
Brouhaha: Worlds of the Contemporary Brouhaha Worlds of the Contemporary Lionel Ruffel 2017 Spring
A rigorous inquiry into the question of the “contemporary” in an era of hypermediation and globalization
The Language of Plants: Science, Philosophy, Literature The Language of Plants Science, Philosophy, Literature Monica Gagliano, John C. Ryan and Patrícia Vieira, Editors 2017 Spring
Exploring the idea that plants can think, feel, and communicate as a way of reconfiguring our relationship with the natural world
Philosophy after Friendship: Deleuze’s Conceptual Personae Philosophy after Friendship Deleuze’s Conceptual Personae Gregg Lambert 2017 Spring
Redefining the goals of future political philosophy—and removing its justification for war
Creaturely Love: How Desire Makes Us More and Less Than Human Creaturely Love How Desire Makes Us More and Less Than Human Dominic Pettman 2017 Spring
A fascinating look at the role of animals in human love through the ages
Anthropocene Feminism Anthropocene Feminism Richard Grusin, Editor 2017 Spring
A stunning experiment in thinking of the Anthropocene through feminism and queer theory
Matters of Care: Speculative Ethics in More Than Human Worlds Matters of Care Speculative Ethics in More Than Human Worlds María Puig de la Bellacasa 2017 Spring
Challenging the view that caring is only human
Carceral Humanitarianism: Logics of Refugee Detention Carceral Humanitarianism Logics of Refugee Detention Kelly Oliver 2017 Spring
Considering the uneasy alliance between humanitarian aid, human rights, and military operations
Letter to an Inuk from 2022 Letter to an Inuk from 2022 Jean Malaurie 2017 Spring
A vibrant call for cultural preservation