Theory and Philosophy

Outsider Theory: Intellectual Histories of Unorthodox Ideas Outsider Theory Intellectual Histories of Unorthodox Ideas Jonathan P. Eburne 2018 Fall
A vital and timely reminder that modern life owes as much to outlandish thinking as to dominant ideologies
99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value: A Postcapitalist Manifesto 99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value A Postcapitalist Manifesto Brian Massumi 2018 Fall
A speculative exploration of value, emphasizing practical experimentation in its future forms
Survival of the Fireflies Survival of the Fireflies Georges Didi-Huberman 2018 Fall
Seeking out the minor lights of friendship in a time of fascism
Neurotechnology and the End of Finitude Neurotechnology and the End of Finitude Michael Haworth 2018 Spring
A bold philosophical investigation into technology and the limits of the human
Powers of Time: Versions of Bergson Powers of Time Versions of Bergson David Lapoujade 2017 Fall
“The philosopher neither obeys, nor commands; he seeks to sympathize.” —Henri Bergson
Language and Reality Language and Reality Vilém Flusser 2017 Fall
The first book by this astounding philosopher asserts that the universe, knowledge, truth, and reality are linguistic aspects
The User Unconscious: On Affect, Media, and Measure The User Unconscious On Affect, Media, and Measure Patricia Ticineto Clough 2018 Spring
Wide-ranging essays and experimental prose forcefully demonstrate how digital media and computational technologies have redefined what it is to be human
After Extinction After Extinction Richard Grusin, Editor 2018 Spring
A multidisciplinary exploration of extinction and what comes next
The End of Man: A Feminist Counterapocalypse The End of Man A Feminist Counterapocalypse Joanna Zylinska 2018 Spring
Debugging the Anthropocene’s insistence on apocalyptic tropes
What Is Information? What Is Information? Peter Janich 2018 Spring
A novel way of looking at information challenges longstanding dogmas—from a preeminent German thinker
Deconstruction Machines: Writing in the Age of Cyberwar Deconstruction Machines Writing in the Age of Cyberwar Justin Joque 2018 Spring
A bold new theory of cyberwar argues that militarized hacking is best understood as a form of deconstruction
Advances Advances Jacques Derrida 2017 Fall
An unlimited prehistory of the world that opens up its unpredictable future
Callous Objects: Designs against the Homeless Callous Objects Designs against the Homeless Robert Rosenberger 2018 Spring
Uncovering injustices built into our everyday surroundings
Veer Ecology: A Companion for Environmental Thinking Veer Ecology A Companion for Environmental Thinking Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Lowell Duckert, Editors 2017 Fall
An innovative toolkit designed to prompt new awareness of the risk and potential of living on—and with—an alarmingly dynamic planet
Life: A Modern Invention Life A Modern Invention Davide Tarizzo 2017 Fall
A paradigm-shifting genealogy of biological life as metaphysical concept rather than a scientific category