Film and Media

Multiple Voices in Feminist Film Criticism Multiple Voices in Feminist Film Criticism Diane Carson and Janice R. Welsch, Editors 1994 Spring
Collecting some of the most important writings in feminist film criticism and theory past and present, this volume offers readers a comprehensive survey of the rich and varied contributions feminist scholars have been making to film study over the past two decades. Includes essays by B. Ruby Rich, Teresa de Lauretis, Janet Staiger, Beverle Houston, Chris Straayer, bell hooks, Linda Williams, and Julia Lesage, among others.
A Political Companion to American Film A Political Companion to American Film Gary Crowdus, Editor None None
The Branded Eye: Buñuel's Un Chien andalou The Branded Eye Buñuel's Un Chien andalou Jenaro Talens 1993 Fall
In 1929, Un Chien andalou opened in Paris to a riotous response. People were enraged and disturbed by its shocking content, structure, and narrative form. This innovative study offers a detailed analysis of the film, including its production background, Salvator Dali’s influence in its making, biographical information on Buñuel, and an annotated script of the film, shot-by-shot description, and complete film découpage.
The Bronze Screen: Chicana and Chicano Film Culture The Bronze Screen Chicana and Chicano Film Culture Rosa Linda Fregoso 1993 Fall
Explores Chicana and Chicano popular culture through contemporary representations in both Hollywood commercial and independent cinema.
Contested Closets: The Politics and Ethics of Outing Contested Closets The Politics and Ethics of Outing Larry Gross 1993 Fall
A landmark exploration of the practice of revealing a public figure’s hidden homosexuality through the controversial practice of outing. “Combines a powerfully argued essay with a comprehensive anthology of articles to create an invaluable document on ‘outing.’ Gross’s fearless and fascinating book calls persuasively for ending a code of silence that has long served hypocrisy and double-standard morality at the expense of truth.” --Martin Duberman “This is a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate among journalists and gay activists over ‘outing.’ . . . Gross is a defender of the controversial practice, but one of the greatest strengths of this book is the evenhandedness with which he presents the arguments of each side. He argues that outing is a practice with ‘a long past, if only a short history,’ and spends much of the book’s first half putting it into a historical context. In the course of doing so, he discusses the nature and construction of gay identity and a history of the outing controversies of the past ten years. Gross is a lucid writer who makes a difficult case well. . . . The second half of the book is a collection of key texts in the debate on outing-including several by Michelangelo Signorile, the foremost journalistic proponent of the practice.” --Publishers Weekly
The Cinematic Body The Cinematic Body Steven Shaviro 1993 Spring
Moving between Jerry Lewis and Andy Warhol, between Fassbinder’s gay sex icons and George Romero’s flesh-eating zombies, Shaviro radically critiques the Lacanian model currently popular in film theory and film studies, arguing against that model’s obsessive emphasis on the phallus, castration anxiety, sadistic mastery, ideology, and the structure of the signifier. Shaviro also explores issues of popular culture, postmodernism, the politics of the body, the construction of masculinity and of homo/heterosexualities, the nature and uses of pornography, and the aesthetics of masochism. “Invokes and evokes the force and sensation of film from within a Deleuze-Guattarian perspective. . . . well-written, elegant, and eloquent.” --Dana Polan
Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture Making Things Perfectly Queer Interpreting Mass Culture Alexander Doty 1993 Spring
Doty demonstrates how queer readings can be—and are—performed by examining star images like Jack Benny and Pee-wee Herman, women-centered sitcoms like Laverne and Shirley and Designing Women, film directors like George Cukor and Dorothy Arzner, and genres like the musical.
Ecstasy Unlimited: On Sex, Capital, Gender, and Aesthetics Ecstasy Unlimited On Sex, Capital, Gender, and Aesthetics Laura Kipnis 1993 Spring
A unique collection of essays on popular culture, politics, aesthetics, feminism, and postmodernism, along with complete scripts from three of Kipnis’ videotapes.
Couching Resistance: Women, Film, and Psychoanalytic Psychiatry Couching Resistance Women, Film, and Psychoanalytic Psychiatry Janet Walker 1993 Spring
Explores how American psychoanalytic psychiatry and Hollywood cinema between World War II and the mid-1960s negotiated women’s psychosexuality and life experience.
Male Trouble Male Trouble Constance Penley and Sharon Willis, Editors 1992 Fall
The contributors provide a thought-provoking, comprehensive study of masculinity in American culture today. Contributors: Parveen Adams, Ian Balfour, Ray Barrie, Sabrina Barton, Steven Cohan, Rey Chow, Alexander Doty, Henry Jenkins III, Lynne Kirby, Constance Penley, Kaja Silverman, Sasha Torres, and Sharon Willis.
Dancing in the Distraction Factory: Music Television and Popular Culture Dancing in the Distraction Factory Music Television and Popular Culture Andrew Goodwin 1992 Fall
This first comprehensive, integrated analysis of MTV provides new ways to understand television and popular music narratives. ”A smart book: it will have an impact on the debates surrounding popular culture.” --Susan McClary
Chicanos and Film: Representation and Resistance Chicanos and Film Representation and Resistance Chon A. Noriega 1992 Fall
The Movie of the Week: Private Stories Public Events The Movie of the Week Private Stories Public Events Elayne Rapping 1992 Fall
Private Screenings: Television and the Female Consumer Private Screenings Television and the Female Consumer Lynn Spigel and Denise Mann, Editors 1992 Spring
Analyzes how television delivers definitions of “femininity” to its female audiences. Includes a source guide for television shows from 1946-1970. Contributors: Julie D’Acci, Sarah Berry, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Robert H. Deming, Dan Einstein, Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Mary Beth Haralovich, Lynne Joyrich, William Lafferty, Nina Liebman, George Lipsitz, Denise Mann, Lynn Spigel, Jillian Steinberger and Randall Vogt.
Developing Variations: Style and Ideology in Western Music Developing Variations Style and Ideology in Western Music Rose Rosengard Subotnik 1991 Spring
Combines into a cohesive statement the author’s pathbreaking critical essays on Western music.