Collection: Minnesota History


William D. Green

Art and Artifact

Leesa Kelly, Howard Oransky

Break Point

Sheri Brenden

Gunflint Falling

Cary J. Griffith

Grace & Grit

Georgia Finnegan, Rochelle Zide-Booth

Blood in the Tracks

Paul Metsa, Rick Shefchik

Town Ball

Armand Peterson, Tom Tomashek


Karen Fults Kaler

Cosmic Trip

Christian A. Peterson

Making the Carry

Timothy Cochrane

Winter's Children

Ryan Rodgers

The King of Skid Row

James Eli Shiffer

Nellie Francis

William D. Green

The Dylan Tapes

Anthony Scaduto, Stephanie Trudeau

The Lost Brothers

Jack El-Hai

Voices of Rondo

Kate Cavett

The Infamous Harry Hayward

Shawn Francis Peters

Hope in the Struggle

Josie R. Johnson, Arleta Little, Carolyn Holbrook

The Children of Lincoln

William D. Green

Miles Lord

Roberta Walburn

Walking the Old Road

Staci Lola Drouillard

Gunflint Burning

Cary J. Griffith

Lemon Jail

Bill Sullivan

Flames of Discontent

Gary Kaunonen

Professor Berman

Hy Berman, Jay Weiner

A Peculiar Imbalance

William D. Green

Iron and Water

Grant J. Merritt

Digital State

Thomas J. Misa

Land of 10,000 Loves

Stewart Van Cleve

Taconite Dreams

Jeffrey T. Manuel

Minnesota Railroads

Steve Glischinski


Jack El-Hai

Degrees of Freedom

William D. Green

North Country

Mary Lethert Wingerd

City of Parks

David C. Smith

To Smile in Autumn

Gordon Parks, Alexs Pate

Twilight Rails

H. Roger Grant

Minneapolis Madams

Penny A. Petersen

St. Paul Union Depot

John W. Diers

Seven Iron Men

Paul de Kruif

Rails to the North Star

Richard S. Prosser, Don L. Hofsommer

The Street Where You Live

Donald Empson, Don Boxmeyer

Wood, Concrete, Stone, and Steel

Denis P. Gardner, Eric DeLony

By The Ore Docks

Richard Hudelson, Carl Ross

Dining Car To The Pacific

William A. Mckenzie

The White Pine Industry in Minnesota

Agnes M. Larson, Bradley J. Gills

The Hook and Eye

Don L. Hofsommer

The Great Northern Railway

Ralph W. Hidy, Muriel E. Hidy, Roy V. Scott, Don L. Hofsommer

The Tootin' Louie

Don L. Hofsommer

Twin Cities by Trolley

John W. Diers, Aaron Isaacs

Morgan Park

Arnold R. Alanen, Chris Faust

The Missabe Road

Frank A. King