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13 Reading Resolutions in 2022
Have you made your 2022 Reading Resolutions yet? Are you still holiday shopping? We've got some suggestions for you. Welcome to our 13 Reading Resultions Guide!
Rethinking Michelangelo Antonioni's modernism: A conversation between Karl Schoonover and John David Rhodes
Schoonover and Rhodes discuss social reality, modernism, waste, and toxicity in films by Antonioni, including L'eclisse and Zabriskie Point.
Can a person eat meat, go to zoos, wear leather, and still love animals? Yes, if you ask Kathy Rudy.
LOVING ANIMALS by Kathy Rudy argues that to achieve such goals as ending animal testing and factory farming, activists need to better understand the profound emotional attachment many people have with animals. Offering an alternative to both the acceptance of animal exploitation and radical animal liberation, Kathy Rudy shows that a deeper understanding of this emotional bond can redefine the human–animal relationship. Check out a video Q&A with the author and more.
MN State Fair Feature: Crop art and corn carnivals
An excerpt from Pamela Simpson's CORN PALACES AND BUTTER QUEENS.
'A reckoning for our species': Surviving the Anthropocene
Can humans and other species continue to inhabit the earth together? Media buzz for 'Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet,' a collection edited by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Heather Anne Swanson, Elaine Gan, and Nils Bubandt; and Hyperobjects by Timothy Morton.
Ellen Willis' Out of the Vinyl Deeps: "A timeless compendium of clear thinking and fresh, humane, and persuasive prose."
University of Minnesota Press is the proud publisher of Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music by Ellen Willis, edited by Nona Willis Aronowitz, with foreword by Sasha Frere-Jones and afterword by Daphne Carr and Evie Nagy. Check out the book's trailer, reviews in the media, similar titles, and how to get the book at 30% off.
Nicholas Ray: "Film recognizes neither time nor space; only the limits of man's imagination."
University of Minnesota Press is the proud publisher of Nicholas Ray: An American Journey by Bernard Eisenschitz, translated by Tom Milne. Check out a Q&A with Susan Ray, similar titles, and how to get the book at 30% off.
Emerging issues in education: Cops in the hallways; GLBT rights; community organizing to improve schools
University of Minnesota Press is the proud publisher of several Education books, including THE RIGHT TO BE OUT; POLICE IN THE HALLWAYS; MOTHERS UNITED; and ORGANIZING FOR EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE.
Reading for Racial Justice: Beyond the books
The University of Minnesota Press is committed to challenging white supremacy, police violence, and unequal access to criminal justice, education, and resources in Minnesota, the United States, and throughout the world.
Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Now a feature documentary that exposes how breast-cancer marketing has become a year-round industry
University of Minnesota Press is the proud publisher of PINK RIBBONS, INC., by Samantha King, which has been made into a documentary by filmmaker Lea Pool. Check out the book's trailer and new developments in the news.
Vidar Sundstøl's The Land of Dreams
THE LAND OF DREAMS by Vidar Sundstøl is the first installment in the acclaimed Norwegian writer's Minnesota Trilogy.
Mauna Kea: "More than just a list of physical attributes."
On Mauna Kea (Mauna a Wakea) and the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). Includes OA edition of the article "A Fictive Kinship: Making 'Modernity,' 'Ancient Hawaiians,' and the Telescopes on Mauna Kea" by Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar, appearing in Native American and Indigenous Studies issue 4.2.
Kale will save the world and other lessons from local authors
The Northern Heartland Kitchen (Beth Dooley), Turn Here Sweet Corn (Atina Diffley) and The Spoonriver Cookbook (Brenda Langton) offer great stories and recipes perfect for summer indulgence.
Richard Aoki scholar addresses new allegations that he was an FBI informant
Diane Fujino, author of SAMURAI AMONG PANTHERS: Richard Aoki on Race, Resistance, and a Paradoxical Life, tackles allegations made in Seth Rosenfeld's new book that Black Panther Party arms supplier Richard Aoki was an FBI informant.
Can't get enough of the MN State Fair?
An excerpt from Pamela Simpson's CORN PALACES AND BUTTER QUEENS.
Issues in Education: 2014
Discussing issues in higher education and K–12 schools with Steven Salaita, Sunaina Maira, Gilda Ochoa, Jen Gilbert, Angelina Castagno, and more.
Books for understanding the coronavirus crisis.
Critical thinking about society and the environment during the coronavirus crisis.
Telling a correct story about the Thanksgiving holiday.
CBS Sunday Morning, Time Magazine, and the Huffington Post feature Chef Sean Sherman (The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen); Tommy Orange gives a Native American writer's take on the holiday in the Washington Post.