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The Politics of Everyday Fear The Politics of Everyday Fear Brian Massumi, Editor 1993 Fall
The contemporary consumer is bombarded with fear-inducing images and information. This media shower of imagery is equaled only by the sheer quantity of fear-assuaging products offered for our consumption. The contributors address questions raised by the saturation of social space by capitalized fear.
Fear of a Queer Planet: Queer Politics and Social Theory Fear of a Queer Planet Queer Politics and Social Theory Michael Warner, Editor 1993 Fall
In this diverse and balanced collection, the contributors explore the impact of ACT UP, Queer Nation, multiculturalism, the new religious right, outing, queerness, postmodernism, and shifts in the cultural politics of sexuality. Contributors: Lauren Berlant, Douglas Crimp, Elizabeth Freeman, Diana Fuss, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Jonathan Goldberg, Cathy Griggers, Janet E. Halley, Philip Brian Harper, Andrew Parker, Cindy Patton, Robert Schwartzwald, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and Steven Seidman.
Portage Lake: Memories of an Ojibwe Childhood Portage Lake Memories of an Ojibwe Childhood Maude Kegg John D. Nichols, Editor 1993 Fall
In this volume, Minnesota Anishinaabe elder Maude Kegg of the Mille Lacs Reservation reminisces about her childhood. Building birchbark and reedmat wigwams, boiling maple sap into syrup and harvesting turtles and wild rice are related in lyric detail. Dictated to John D. Nichols in Kegg’s native language, these compelling stories of traditional Ojibwe life appear in English translation on facing pages with the original Ojibwe text in a standardized orthography.
Transfigurations of the Maghreb: Feminism, Decolonization, and Literatures Transfigurations of the Maghreb Feminism, Decolonization, and Literatures Winifred Woodhull 1993 Fall
Through readings of some of the best-known texts in Algerian literature in French, Woodhull both challenges the separation between French and Francophone literatures and cultures in the academy and explores the ways in which “femininity” has been represented in the texts of North African and French writers since the mid-1950s.
The Bronze Screen: Chicana and Chicano Film Culture The Bronze Screen Chicana and Chicano Film Culture Rosa Linda Fregoso 1993 Fall
Explores Chicana and Chicano popular culture through contemporary representations in both Hollywood commercial and independent cinema.
Beyond a Dream Deferred: Multicultural Education and the Politics of Excellence Beyond a Dream Deferred Multicultural Education and the Politics of Excellence Becky W. Thompson and Sangeeta Tyagi, Editors 1993 Fall
“At last, a collection on multicultural education authored by those involved. Ranging from broad reflections to case studies, from feminist and ethnic to gay and lesbian studies, the essays themselves embody the diverse perspectives they analyze. Speaking in different voices, they convey the complexity and conflicts that animate present struggles to democratize institutions of higher learning.” --Renato Rosaldo, Stanford University Contributors include Margaret L. Andersen, Estelle Disch, Troy Duster, Lisa Kahaleole Chang Hall, Evelynn Hammonds, Evelyn Hu-Dehart, Earl Jackson, Jr., Ian Haney López, Carole C. Marks, Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Barbara Omolade, Becky W. Thompson, Sangeeta Tyagi, and Cornel West.
Against Literature Against Literature John Beverley 1993 Fall
Is there a way of thinking about literature that is “outside” or “against” literature? In Against Literature, John Beverly brilliantly responds to this question, arguing for a negation of the literary that would allow nonliterary forms of cultural practice to displace literature’s hegemony.
Gender on Ice: American Ideologies of Polar Expeditions Gender on Ice American Ideologies of Polar Expeditions Lisa Bloom 1993 Fall
Bloom focuses on the conquest of the North Pole as she reveals how popular print and visual media defined and shaped American national ideologies from the early twentieth century to the present.
White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness White Women, Race Matters The Social Construction of Whiteness Ruth Frankenberg 1993 Fall
Daughters of the Dreaming Daughters of the Dreaming Diane Bell 1993 Fall
This new edition, which is based on research done in the 1970s, includes an epilogue in which Bell reflects on her original fieldwork from the perspective of the 1990s, examining the changes in the field and in feminist theory and practice.
Allegories of Empire: The Figure of Woman in the Colonial Text Allegories of Empire The Figure of Woman in the Colonial Text Jenny Sharpe 1993 Spring
Brings the historical memory of the 1857 Indian Mutiny to bear upon the theme of rape in British and Anglo-Indian fiction.
Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture Making Things Perfectly Queer Interpreting Mass Culture Alexander Doty 1993 Spring
Doty demonstrates how queer readings can be—and are—performed by examining star images like Jack Benny and Pee-wee Herman, women-centered sitcoms like Laverne and Shirley and Designing Women, film directors like George Cukor and Dorothy Arzner, and genres like the musical.
Reflecting Black: African-American Cultural Criticism Reflecting Black African-American Cultural Criticism Michael Eric Dyson 1993 Spring
From rap music to preaching, from Toni Morrison to Leonard Jeffries, from Michael Jackson to Michael Jordan, Reflecting Black explores as never before the varied and complex dimensions of African-American culture through personal reflection, expository journalism, scholarly investigation and even homily.
Discourse Analysis as Sociocriticism: The Spanish Golden Age Discourse Analysis as Sociocriticism The Spanish Golden Age Antonio Gomez-Moriana 1993 Spring
Gómez-Moriana applies contemporary literary theory to classical texts of the Spanish Golden Age, including Lazirillo de Tormes, Don Quijote, Tirso de Molina’s Don Juan play, and Columbus’s Diary. “Gómez-Moriana’s skillful handling of literary theory is matched by his thorough scholarship and excellent knowledge of history.” --Nicholas Spadaccini
Ruthless Criticism: New Perspectives in U.S. Communication History Ruthless Criticism New Perspectives in U.S. Communication History William S. Solomon and Robert W. McChesney, Editors 1993 Spring