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Through the Shattering Glass: Cervantes and the Self-Made World Through the Shattering Glass Cervantes and the Self-Made World Nicholas Spadaccini and Jenaro Talens 1992 Fall
“Offers an important new approach to Cervantes’s works, which have been studied in toto by relatively few critics.” --Edward Friedman
Amerindian Images and the Legacy of Columbus Amerindian Images and the Legacy of Columbus Rene Jara and Nicholas Spadaccini, Editors 1992 Fall
“Offers a well-informed and academically creative reading of texts which foster the so-called colonial imaginary in relation to Spanish and Portuguese colonial enterprises in the Americas.” --Guido A. Podesta
On Edge: The Crisis of Contemporary Latin American Culture On Edge The Crisis of Contemporary Latin American Culture George Yúdice, Jean Franco and Juan Flores, Editors 1992 Spring
“On Edge is where the reader will be, anxiously at the margins of Latin America’s elite centers, throughout this excellent collection of essays on cultural and political innovations. It is a most welcome hands-on guide to some of the post-modern challenges to projects of national modernization, a cultural analogue to studies of new political movements.” --Doris Sommer
Making Sense in Life and Literature Making Sense in Life and Literature Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht 1992 Spring
“The translation of these essays by Gumbrecht on literary theory and history marks the appearance in English of one of Europe’s most learned, productive, and inventive scholars. Their range is extraordinary. They show that Gumbrecht is not only a sophisticated theorist and historian of literature, but a master practitioner of cultural studies.” --Hayden White, University of California, Santa Cruz
Storm from Paradise: The Politics of Jewish Memory Storm from Paradise The Politics of Jewish Memory Jonathan Boyarin 1992 Spring
”An essay in the richest sense of that term, inspired by and modeled on Walter Benjamin’s essays. Based on varied, diverse, and abundantly cross-disciplinary readings, it moves and builds, questions and interrogates, and ultimately convinces us that the Jewish experience with being the ‘other’ and, conversely and recently, with ‘othering’ is indeed relevant to theorists of contemporary culture.” --Marianne Hirsch
Voyage to the Other World: The Legacy of Sutton Hoo Voyage to the Other World The Legacy of Sutton Hoo Calvin B. Kendall and Peter S. Wells, Editors 1992 Spring
A fascinating exploration of pagan Anglo-Saxon culture-a world caught on the boundary between competing ideologies and contrasting social systems. Contributors: James Campbell, Martin Carver, Robert Payson Creed, Roberta Frank, Michael N. Geselowitz, Gloria Polizzotti Greis, Henrik M. Jansen, Simon Keynes, Edward Schoenfeld, Jana Schulman, Alan M. Stahl, Wesley M. Stevens, and Else Roesdahl.
Red Lake Nation: Portraits of Ojibway Life Red Lake Nation Portraits of Ojibway Life Charles Brill 1992 Spring
Movingly documents, in words and pictures, the life of the Red Lake band on a ‘closed reservation’ in northern Minnesota.
Private Screenings: Television and the Female Consumer Private Screenings Television and the Female Consumer Lynn Spigel and Denise Mann, Editors 1992 Spring
Analyzes how television delivers definitions of “femininity” to its female audiences. Includes a source guide for television shows from 1946-1970. Contributors: Julie D’Acci, Sarah Berry, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Robert H. Deming, Dan Einstein, Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Mary Beth Haralovich, Lynne Joyrich, William Lafferty, Nina Liebman, George Lipsitz, Denise Mann, Lynn Spigel, Jillian Steinberger and Randall Vogt.
Chaucer’s England: Literature in Historical Context Chaucer’s England Literature in Historical Context Barbara A. Hanawalt, Editor 1992 Spring
Represents the first time that disciples of history and English literature have joined forces to present new interpretations of late fourteenth-century English society. Contributors: Caroline M. Barron, Michael J. Bennett, Lawrence M. Clopper, Susan Crane, Richard Firth Green, Nicholas Orme, Nigel Saul, Paul Strohm, and David Wallace.
A Passage to England: Barbadian Londoners Speak of Home A Passage to England Barbadian Londoners Speak of Home John Western 1992 Spring
Grounds of Dispute: Art History, Cultural Politics and the Discursive Field Grounds of Dispute Art History, Cultural Politics and the Discursive Field John Tagg 1992 Spring
“This is an important book by a scholar of international stature. Tagg at once ‘practices’ art history, via his several essays on photography, while at the same time he critiques the disciplinary apparatus by which this can be done. Consistently brilliant, attractive, and compelling.” --Richard Leppert
Culture and Control in Counter-Reformation Spain Culture and Control in Counter-Reformation Spain Anne J. Cruz and Mary Elizabeth Perry, Editors 1991 Fall
Focuses on the various modes of repression and cultural/social control exerted by Spanish institutions during the counter-reformation.
Readings: The Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kakfa, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva Readings The Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kakfa, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva Helene Cixous Verena Andermatt Conley, Editor 1991 Fall
A leader in the feminist intellectual movement, Cixous presents this highly informative meditation on ethics and poetics which draws on philosophy and psychoanalysis.
Technoculture Technoculture Constance Penley and Andrew Ross, Editors 1991 Spring
The contributors provide a realistic assessment of the politics-the dangers and possibilities-currently at stake in cultural practices touched by advanced technology, while suggesting new and timely possibilities for those concerned with the pressing need for technoliteracy. Contributors: Houston A. Baker, Jr., Sandra Buckley, Peter Fitting, Reebee Garofalo, DeeDee Halleck, Donna Haraway, Valerie Hartouni, Jim Pomeroy, Constance Penley, Andrew Ross, and Paula A. Treichler.
The Politics of Editing The Politics of Editing Nicholas Spadaccini and Jenaro Talens, Editors 1992 Spring
“This state-of-the-art commentary is always mindful of a rich and engaging editorial tradition and conscious, at the same time, of how recent theoretical models may affect, and direct, the editor’s task. . . . a most insightful, informative, and provocative study.” --Edward H. Friedman