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Recent developments: Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Film Journal review: Pink Ribbons, Inc.
When every month has its own disease, and each satin ribbon pinned to your chest is in a different color, it’s an eye-opener by a splash of cold water to see this documentary questioning the uses of philanthropy for the fight against breast cancer.
Village Voice: Pink Ribbons, Inc.
The Village Voice reviews PINK RIBBONS, INC., a documentary opening June 1st based on the book of the same name by Samantha King.
The tyranny of pink
The author behind a new documentary tells Salon how breast cancer got cute and where Susan G. Komen lost its way
Women and Hollywood interviews PINK RIBBONS, INC. filmmakers
Lea Pool and Ravida Din discuss the proliferation of a "pink culture."
Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Changing the Conversation
Video clip features the producer of the film PINK RIBBONS, INC., which is based on the UMP book of the same title by Samantha King.