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Former Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak's memoir to be published in April 2016
University of Minnesota Press selected as beneficiary of Whole Foods Market's 5% Community Support Day
The Essential Ellen Willis a Finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award
The Essential Ellen Willis a Finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award
Fred Ho (August 10, 1957–April 12, 2014)
The saxophonist, composer, and activist dies after an 8-year battle with cancer. Press release from Big Red Media, Inc.
Cesar Chavez film opening soon
Six UMP books on the MN Book Awards Finalists list
Finalists include Larry Haeg, Sue Leaf, Rachael Hanel, Sarah Stonich, Julie Davis, and Penny Petersen.
Author Jean O'Brien selected to the Board of Trustees for the Cobell Education scholarship fund
Antipode offering free virtual issue to celebrate Katherine Gibson lecture
Jochen Schulte-Sasse, renowned intellectual, dies at 72
Jochen Schulte-Sasse worked with the University of Minnesota Press on multiple projects, including the Theory and History of Literature Series and the journal Cultural Critique.
MinnPost Books: Heartland Fall Forum 2012
“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” Mark Twain once remarked, and today’s independent booksellers could take that same line as their motto, to judge from the energies on display at the recent Heartland Fall Forum in Minneapolis. launches
Publishers Weekly: University of Minnesota Press is one of three publishers to partner with Dunn Bros. in virtual bookstore for coffee lovers
Pioneering queer studies scholar Alexander Doty dies after being struck by motorcycle
Pioneering queer studies scholar Alexander Doty, a much-admired author, died after being hit by a motorcycle while on vacation in Bermuda
UMP titles available to media via NetGalley
University of Minnesota Press is a subscriber to NetGalley, a new online service for the electronic delivery of galleys and press materials.
Jailhouse Stories author Neil Haugerud dies
Neil Haugerud, author of Jailhouse Stories, died June 6th, 2012, at the age of 81.
Regina Root's COUTURE AND CONSENSUS wins Whitaker Prize
Regina Root has been awarded the prestigious Arthur P. Whitaker Prize for her book Couture & Consensus: Fashion and Politics in Postcolonial Argentina.
Alondra Nelson's BODY AND SOUL wins American Sociological Association section book award
Alondra Nelson's BODY AND SOUL receives the ASA's Race, Gender and Class Section's 2012 Distinguished Book Award.
TWELVE OWLS wins honorable mention for general nonfiction
The Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards has recognized TWELVE OWLS by Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen with an honorable mention in general nonfiction.
RIFFTIDE nominated for Jazz Journalists Association Award
Rifftide: The Life and Opinions of Papa Jo Jones, edited by Paul Devlin, is nominated for Best Book about Jazz of the Year. Winners will be announced June 20th.
Karen Nelson Hoyle is recipient of 2012 Kerlan Award
TWELVE OWLS among NE Minnesota Book Awards nominees
TWELVE OWLS, written by Laura Erickson and with illustrations by Betsy Bowen, is among this year's NE Minnesota Book Awards nominees in the Nonfiction category.
Author Joel Olson dies at 45
Joel Olson was a professor at Northern Arizona University and author of The Abolition of White Democracy (2004).
Suspended Animation: Children's Picture Books and the Fairy Tale of Modernity by Nathalie op de Beeck has been declared the best book of 2010 by the Children's Literature Association
SISTER ARTS a Publishing Triangle Award nominee
Honoring the best in LGBT writing for 2011, the Publishing Triangle and the Ferro-Grumley Literary Awards are pleased to recognize the finalists in the six categories below. The winners will be announced at our awards ceremony on April 19, 2012.
VIKINGS IN THE ATTIC a finalist for MN Book Award
OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle award
University of Minnesota Press is thrilled at the news that OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS: ELLEN WILLIS ON ROCK MUSIC, a compilation of essays by the New Yorker's first pop music critic, has been selected as a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle award.
Documentary "Pink Ribbons, Inc." opens in Canada on Feb. 3rd
Pink Ribbons Inc., a documentary film that had a well-received debut at the Toronto International Film festival last year, will open in Canadian theatres beginning Feb. 3rd, 2012.
Johnny Otis, ‘Godfather of Rhythm and Blues,’ Dies at 90
Evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis dies at 73
On November 22, 2011, Lynn Margulis died at the age of 73. She was Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1983, in 1999 received the Presidential Medal of Science from Bill Clinton, and was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
University Presses Lead the Way for Publisher-Based Ebook Systems
In the 1920s, there were an estimated 12 university presses operating in America; today that number is about 130. Over the years, university presses have forged ahead with some of the more thoughtful and “daring” coverage and analysis of such complex issues as globalization, immigration, civil rights, constitutional law, and so on. Many of these presses have also developed their own areas of specialization and acclaim: MIT and Yale’s coverage of architecture; Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Oxford, and Harvard’s emphasis on literacy criticism; Minnesota’s coverage of cultural critique, ethnic studies, and theory; and some of the excellent regional coverage from Arizona, Kansas, and Nebraska. “As commercial publishers increasingly turn away from books that are deemed unlikely to make a lot of money,” notes the American Association of University Presses, “university presses have found new fields to publish in and new audiences for their books.”
Author Pamela Simpson dies at 65
Pamela Hemenway Simpson, an art historian who was one of the most influential figures of the last four decades at Washington and Lee University, died at her home in Lexington, Va., on Oct. 4th, 2011. She was 65.