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Book reviews collection for homepage

Brooklyn Rail: Rene Magritte
Perhaps the greatest virtue of Selected Writings, beyond facilitating English-language access to Magritte’s writings, is its alignment of Magritte with the great polymath artists of 20th-century modernism, who bent styles and genres to ideological dictates rather than confine an ideology to a singular aesthetic form.
Leonardo Reviews: The Perversity of Things
The quality of Wythoff's editorial work is outstanding, and it is well served by the clever typographical presentation of the book, pleasant to read, well indexed, and nicely illustrated.
Teachers Scrap Lesson Plans To Tackle Trump’s Executive Order
Huffington Post features Tom Rademacher.
New York Review of Books: The Making of Future Man
Until now, the record of Hugo Gernsback’s life has been scanty and quite unreliable.
Ringling Brothers Stops Touring: The End of an Era, Not an Art Form
Dudley Riggs interview with Iowa Public Radio.
Black Perspectives interview with Anthony Ryan Hatch
Hatch: I wrote it for the millions of people, especially Black people, who struggle to maintain good metabolic health.
Rock and Roll Book Club: Jim Walsh follows Prince through the '90s
The Current's book club reviews: Gold Experience is full of fascinating details about life with Prince (or, rather, the Artist Then-Formerly Known as Prince) in the '90s.
Kirkus Reviews: Once in a Blue Moon Lodge
A people lover’s book. Characters grow and change; family and friends support each other. Predictable, but comfortably so, this refreshingly simple family tale provides a comfy diversion from the everyday world.
Against Purity on Against the Grain
In our fight against the ravages of capitalism, purity is not the best way to come together collectively and change a damaged world.
The Atlantic: The Folly of 'Purity Politics'
A new book argues for the value of owning up to your imperfections.
Material as opposed to what? Three recent ethnographies of welfare, biological labor, and human dignity
Capturing Prince's hope, heartbreak: Star Tribune on 'Gold Experience'
With his hero going astray again and again, Jim Walsh struggles with acceptance as he watches the brightest luminary of his age become eclipsed by much lesser lights.
Lush and rich: The John H Watson Society on Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma
"(Larry) Millett has always been phenomenal at writing eccentrics."
Challenges to Democracy: National Urban Policy in the Age of Obama
Many supporters expressed disappointment that the first African-American community organizer to be elected US President did not do more to help cities. Although Barack Obama began to embrace the subject of race relations late in his second term, his urban policy seemed to disappear as his Administration endured. Here is an excerpt from a new edited volume Urban Policy in the Time of Obama.
Crave: New Book Revisits Prince in the 90s
In "Gold Experience," author Jim Walsh shares interviews, reviews, and encounters with The Purple One.
BGSU scholar Rebecca Kinney dissects the myth of Detroit’s death & resurrection
Rebecca Kinney only realized she should write about her hometown of Detroit when she was living to the West Coast.
Michigan Radio: Book aims to reframe outsider narratives of Detroit
How do we talk about Detroit? In the 80's and 90's, the focus was on crime and urban decay. Detroit was the "Murder City." Today, the narrative is one of possibility and resurgence.
nano: New American Notes Online interviews Tony D. Sampson
Sampson's work (Virality; The Assemblage Brain) touches on issues of imitation and contagion.
BoingBoing: It's about Time: Reading Steampunk's Rise and Roots
Excerpt from LIKE CLOCKWORK, edited by Rachel Bowser and Brian Croxall.
Washington Post: An illustrated history of the most beautiful canoes
“Canoes,” by Mark Neuzil and Norman Sims, is a vibrant history of one of North America’s most beloved conveyances.