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Book reviews collection for homepage

MSP Mag: A Tour of a Forgotten Minneapolis Murder Scene
Walking in the footsteps of the most diabolical Minneapolis criminal you’ve never heard of.
WSJ: Virtual Reality, Now With the Sense of Touch
The future depicted in the new film ‘Ready Player One’ is closer than you think: Startups are developing haptic gloves and suits that let users feel virtual worlds. Can the NBA 2K League tackle gender diversity in gaming?
What does a sports video game that encourages women audiences look like?
Leonardo: Spectacle of Property
Spectacle of Property is a game-changing publication, which ceaselessly emphasizes the ethical and political dimension of cultural criticism. One should hope that it may inspire similar work in other fields than film studies as well.
The Most Intriguing Theories About 2001: A Space Odyssey
io9 article references Mark Dery's I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts.
MinnPost: ‘Crusaders’ who reformed state’s psychiatric hospitals highlighted in new book
“What I’m hoping this book will is do give readers an understanding of the people whose shoulders they are standing on, give them a sense of the history of the people who made major accomplishments that are still relevant today.”
ASAP Journal: Ecology without Culture
Why ecocriticism is articulated most clearly when placed in the context of a close reading praxis that takes seriously the idea of aesthetics.
EBR: What is Queer Game Studies?
Addressing a lacuna in games studies, Jason Lajoie makes a case for why a queer games studies is needed, and he shows how these two areas of study are united in Bonnie Ruberg’s and Adrienne Shaw’s collection.
In These Times Rural America: Wild Mares excerpt
Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land Life excerpt by Dianna Hunter.
Computer Business Review: Microsoft CLAWS at Haptics Progress: Virtual Reality is Getting Tactile
Recent advances show that “technologies of touch” are on the cusp of major breakthroughs. Could virtual reality prove the fillip that haptics needs?
WTIP: Flames of Discontent
Historian and author Gary Kaunonen has written a new, award-winning history of a 1916 miner's strike on the Iron Range, "Flames of Discontent." Jay spoke with Gary about the strike and what it meant for the workers and the communities involved.
Dagger Zine: Lemon Jail
Gawd, what a ride it was.
Motherboard: There Are No Guardrails on Our Privacy Dystopia
If tech is going to infiltrate, influence, and shape all of society, it is unacceptable for tech and pure market forces to decide the limits of the surveillance state.
This is Not a Pipe Podcast: Stacy Alaimo
We’re always immersed in the material world. It’s never somewhere else and it cannot be contained in ways that we can control and predict.
MPR: 12 Must-Reads during Women's History Month
Includes YELLOW FUTURE by Jan Chi Hyun Park.
Publishers Weekly: The Infamous Harry Hayward
"An entertaining tale of crime and punishment from Minnesota’s gilded age and a great episode from the annals of yellow journalism."
Leonardo: Code + Clay, Data + Dirt
This highly readable book may be a good popular reading of media archaeology and urban studies.
Leonardo: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet
The ecosystem of our planet does not particular need us humans to survive and would probably be better off without us. As shown in the past it will no doubt generate other life forms. If we want to stay part of the equation we will have to come down from our high horse and start paying attention to what we form part of. Arts of Living gives an excellent indication of where to start with.
Leonardo: Zombie Theory
This reader on zombie theory is as rich and thought provoking as a Whole Earth Catalog for the makers, creators, curators, thinkers and keepers of the simultaneously dead and alive, the waveform uncollapsed. The index, its end, is its beginning.
H-Net Reviews: Peace Corps Fantasies
"A unique perspective on how the concept of masculinity and dominance shaped the development narrative."