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Book reviews collection for homepage

Peter Smith appears on WGN Radio's The Sunday Papers
Peter Smith joins The Sunday Papers on WGN Radio on Sept. 25th, 2011, to talk about his new book A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS.
Star Tribune: Vanished grandeur of Twin Cities mansions
Star Tribune features Larry Millett and his new book, ONCE THERE WERE CASTLES.
Library Journal reviews Loving Animals
Library Journal reviews Kathy Rudy's new book, LOVING ANIMALS.
St. Joseph Newsleaders feature Peter Smith
St. Joseph Newsleaders highlight local passages from Peter Smith's A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS.
PSXExtreme on Ian Bogost and gaming's "goodness": Part II
PSXExtreme continues its discussion of HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES with Ian Bogost.
In the Middle on John Stockton: "Refuse the assumption of immutability"
In the Medieval Middle reviews John Stockton's Playing Dirty.
PMLiVE on Ian Bogost and gaming for health
PMLiVE discusses Ian Bogost's HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES and its research on games and your health.
PSXExtreme on Ian Bogost and gaming's "goodness": Part I
PSXExtreme considers Ian Bogost's HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES.
Libertyville Patch looks at town's references in A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors
Libertyville Patch features author Peter Smith's A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors. Smith once lived in Libertyville, a town that pops up in his latest memoir a few times.
LA Review of Books on Ellen Willis
The Los Angeles Review of Books reviews Ellen Willis's OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS and discusses her "escape from the music ghetto."
Scratched Vinyl reviews Stare in the Darkness
Scratched Vinyl discusses hip hop, politics, and Lester Spence's STARE IN THE DARKNESS.
Variety reviews Pink Ribbons, Inc.
Variety magazine reviews the new Lea Pool documentary based on the UMP book PINK RIBBONS, INC., by Samantha King.
Independent Weekly reviews Loving Animals
Independent Weekly (Durham, NC) highlights the "a festering contradiction at the heart of Americans' treatment of animals" as highlighted in Kathy Rudy's book Loving Animals.
History Theatre releases info about "Coco's Diary"
The History Theatre (Minnesota) is releasing a play based on THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN (Coco Irvine) in March 2012.
MPR excerpts Peter Smith's Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors
Ever treated a professor poorly and later regretted it? Peter Smith has. MPR airs his story.
KDHX (St. Louis, MO) interviews Justice and the American Metropolis editor
Clarissa Hayward, associate professor of political science at Washington University and co-editor of Justice and the American Metropolis, chats with KDHX.
Fiction Advocate asks: What's in a game?
Fiction Advocate reviews HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES by Ian Bogost.
The Kingston Whig-Standard features Samantha King
Samantha King, author of PINK RIBBONS, INC., discusses her book and the newly released documentary it inspired.
Pink Ribbons, Inc. premieres at TIFF to a packed house
PINK RIBBONS, INC., a documentary based on Samantha King's book by the same name, saw its world premiere this month at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Star Tribune likes Peter Smith's A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors
Star Tribune reviews MPR essayist Peter Smith's memoir in which he recalls growing up in Chicago, son of a newsman.