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Book reviews collection for homepage

A Veteran's Return: Visiting the bench where my parents' future began.
Peter Smith, author of A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS and A PORCH SOFA ALMANAC, writes a column for Zocalo Public Square.
Blogcritics review: Marguerite Duras's Writing
Writing is a stream of consciousness collection of essays by French author and film director Marguerite Duras, best known for her novel The Lover and her screenplay for the film Hiroshima Mon Amour.
Comics Worth Reading reviews Mechademia 5
Books every designer should own: Chroma
Salon lists CHROMA by Derek Jarman among its "meatier" books every designer should own.
Hometown Focus reviews Blue Guitar Highway
Hometown Focus reviews Minnesota musician Paul Metsa's memoir BLUE GUITAR HIGHWAY.
Baby Boomer Memoir recommends Peter Smith
Baby Boomer Memoir (a blog) recommends Peter Smith's A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS.
Lincolnshire Review: Non-momentous moments in Libertyville
Many of the "lesser horrors" in Peter Smith's A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS happened in Libertyville, where Smith spent most of his youth.
Alondra Nelson's Vanderbilt lecture
The author of BODY AND SOUL discusses her book at Vanderbilt University.
Chicago Tribune reviews Whiskey Breakfast
Chicago Tribune sits down with Richard Lindberg to talk about his new memoir WHISKEY BREAKFAST and the dark past recounted there.
Larry Millett on Twin Cities Live
Larry Millett takes a walk with Twin Cities Live "Man of History" John Hanson through Minneapolis and St. Paul's office buildings with fascinating past functions.
ArtsHub (Australia) interview with Mark Amerika
ArtsHub in Australia interviews Mark Amerika (REMIXTHEBOOK) prior to his visit to Melbourne and Fremantle.
Review of The Contours of America's Cold War by Society and Space
The Contours of America's Cold War by Matthew Farish is reviewed in Society and Space - Environment and Planning D.
Paul Metsa on WTIP
Paul Metsa (BLUE GUITAR HIGHWAY) appears on WTIP Radio.
Et Cetera: Steven Poole's nonfiction choice - How to Do Things With Videogames
The Guardian reviews Ian Bogost's HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES
ROROTOKO features Kathy Rudy on Loving Animals
Kathy Rudy discusses her book LOVING ANIMALS, which uses the emotional bond we feel for many animals as the starting point for social ethics and political advocacy.
Duluth News Tribune: Metsa's memoir reveals a lot, but not everything
Longtime singer-songwriter with a distinct voice Paul Metsa, whose first gigs were at Iron Range gatherings, has just released a tell-almost-all memoir.
Beth Dooley: Eating locally by the seasons
The Mix features Beth Dooley and her cookbook, THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN.
Here on Earth interviews Eric Dregni
What does it mean to grow up Scandinavian? Eric Dregni discusses on Here on Earth: Radio without Borders.
Fall menu: Time to eat with the seasons
Star Tribune reviews Beth Dooley's cookbook THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN, which focuses on affordable, seasonal eating.
Orion Magazine reviews Loving Animals
"Traditional Western ethics have largely failed to explain convincingly why we have moral obligations toward animals." Orion Magazine reviews LOVING ANIMALS by Kathy Rudy.