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Book reviews collection for homepage

Cowboys and Indians: The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
Sean Sherman’s cookbook urges us to wake up to the past and to the actual American food.
The Best of End Times: Edge Effects in conversation with Anna Tsing
Anthropologist Anna Tsing has gone on a hunt for “arts of living” in this complex and unstable world.
Minnesota Monthly: The Humbling Biography of a MN Law Legend
Attorney Roberta Walburn gives a detailed look at the late Miles Lord in her debut biography, the tale of a proudly Minnesotan man who stood up for the underdog.
Mail & Guardian: Biko book takes a few liberties
The canon of books on Steve Biko, South Africa’s brutally assassinated Black Consciousness Movement leader, continues to grow 40 years after his death.
Los Angeles Book Review: On Fuel
Karen Pinkus’s inventive and engaging Fuel: A Speculative Dictionary constitutes a notable addition to a field that has rapidly come to be known as the “energy humanities.”
New book champions marginalized players behind the ‘Minneapolis Sound’
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder interviews Andrea Swensson.
The Architect's Newspaper: What can architects learn from Walmart’s fulfillment centers?
Jesse LeCavalier focuses on the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, and how its overarching obsession with optimizing logistics manifests itself in built form.
Kitchn: The New Cookbooks We're Most Excited About This Fall
Kitchn's Fall Preview includes The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.
Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy: All Thoughts are Equal
The wide-ranging theoretical project of François Laruelle offers perhaps the most radical and ambitious program in contemporary Continental thought.
ABA on The Sacred Era
American Booksellers Association blog post on Fall 2017's most-recommended titles.
Spectacle: "Charming and delightfully revealing"
Riggs’ memoir is filled with charming and delightfully revealing tales of what it took to survive in show business for so many years, several of them spent on the Riggs Family Circus.
Leonardo: Utopia from Thomas More to Walter Benjamin
Short but an interesting eclectic reading, with critical insight and a great translation by Raymond N. MacKenzie, keeping the original richness of the language but adding clarity to it, this book surely is an enjoyable reading for theorists of politics and cultural studies.
Leonardo: From Light to Dark
Tim Edensor’s book gives a welcome and very useful overview of what one might call “light studies.”
Indian Country Today: Linda LeGarde Grover Talks ‘Onigamiising’
Award-winning author chats about her new essay collection ‘Onigamiising,’ and her hopes for the future
Lake Minnetonka Magazine: Dispatches from Summer Camp
Eric Dregni remembers his first—reluctant—journey to camp in Mound and the summer that got him hooked.
Indian Country Today | ‘Onigamiising’: an Ojibwe Woman’s Life
Linda LeGarde Grover’s ‘Onigamiising’ is lyrical, insightful and very personal
Foreword Reviews: The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
There are cookbooks from which one simply cooks the recipes, and cookbooks like Chef Sherman’s, from which one learns how and why to cook.
Indian Country Today | ‘As We Have Always Done’: The Continuing Presence of Indigenous Nationhood
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson articulates ideas of indigenous nationhood, rather than declaring them
World Literature Today: The Sacred Era
"So ambitious and unfettered that you won’t read many books like it."
LA Times: 10 of the best new cookbooks of 2017
Featuring Sean Sherman's 'The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.'