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Book reviews collection for homepage

Peter Smith on KAXE
The CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS author talks with KAXE about his new book.
Birdman of Lauderdale review of Twelve Owls
TWELVE OWLS by Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen reviewed on this ornithology blog.
The Fiction in Nonfiction: 'Recording Reality' Deconstructs Documentary Storytelling
Documentary Magazine reviews Elizabeth Cowie's RECORDING REALITY, DESIRING THE REAL.
Is Microfinance Pushing the World’s Poorest Even Deeper Into Poverty?
New Republic article mentions Lamia Karim's book MICROFINANCE AND ITS DISCONTENTS and its skepticism of microfinance loans.
10 gifts for birds -- and watchers
Star Tribune includes TWELVE OWLS by Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen in its gift guide.
Laura Erickson to pen regular column about attracting birds for BirdWatching
Laura Erickson, author of TWELVE OWLS, will begin writing for the magazine for its February 2012 issue.
Arts Orbit: "The Northern Heartland Kitchen" cookbook warms your kitchen
Beth Dooley's THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN review in MN Arts Orbit.
Paul Chaat Smith and His Pal Irony Offer a Dose of Indian Reality
Paul Chaat Smith, author of EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT INDIANS IS WRONG, reviewed in Indian Country Today Media
Are streetcars the answer to our transit and environmental needs?
MinnPost discusses, with research from TWIN CITIES BY TROLLEY by John Diers and Aaron Isaacs.
Fox 9's In the Kitchen: Beth Dooley
Beth Dooley, author of THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN, shows us her recipes for Fresh Ginger Cranberry Salsa and Fresh Carrot and Parsley Salad on FOX9.
Joe Dimuzio: This year in music
The Michigan Daily features Ellen Willis's OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS in its Year in Music roundup.
Games of Empire review in the Global Sociology blog
"Ultimately fascinating in relating the ins-and-outs of the videogame industry and culture to the workings of the world system."
Rifftide featured in Do The Math
RIFFTIDE: The Life and Opinions of Papa Jo Jones, edited by Paul Devlin, is reviewed in Do The Math.
Eric Dregni on WPR-Milwaukee
Eric Dregni, author of VIKINGS IN THE ATTIC, talks Scandinavian holiday traditions on WPR-Milwaukee.
Alondra Nelson on Hard Knock radio
Alondra Nelson talks about BODY AND SOUL on KPFA/Hard Knock Radio.
"Oh, what a luxuriously gorgeous book this is."
Flyoverland (blog) reviews Larry Millett's ONCE THERE WERE CASTLES.
Rock criticism’s brilliant pioneers
Salon features a Barnes & Noble review of Ellen Willis's OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS by Robert Christgau.
Alondra Nelson on KRCL: All the Radio You Need
Alondra Nelson talks about the Black Panthers and her book BODY AND SOUL on KRCL.
A Gardener's Reading: Growing Perennials in Cold Climates
A Northern Gardener (blog) reviews Growing Perennials in Cold Climates by Mike Heger, John Whitman, and Debbie Lonnee.
Edible holiday gifts (and recipes!) with Beth Dooley on Kare 11
Beth Dooley demonstrates her recipe for chocolate truffles, published in THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN.