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Book reviews collection for homepage

Minnesota Monthly: “Sioux Chef” Challenges Definition of Local Food with Indigenous Restaurants
Chef Sean Sherman is revitalizing indigenous food traditions with two upcoming restaurants, a cookbook, and a nonprofit—using only food native to Minnesota
Metamute | Chump Change: Decrypting Bitcoin & Blockchain
Artists and academics are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon and talking up the potential for cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers to mitigate austerity capitalism. Attractive as techno-monetary fixes may seem they come at a dangerous ideological cost, argues Andrew Osborne reviewing David Golumbia’s The Politics of Bitcoin: Software as Right-Wing Extremism
MinnPost: 'Got to Be Something Here' begins and ends with Prince
A music journalist, host of the Current’s “Local Show” and contributor to the Local Current Blog (and former music editor at City Pages, where she founded Gimme Noise), Swensson is a longtime Prince fan and student of his music and his life. When he died in April 2016, she was a primary online and on-air source of information. She shared her knowledge and her grief with the rest of us.
Critical Inquiry: Spectacle of Property
Spectacle of Property points cinema studies in new directions that should inspire scholarship, teaching, and debate about space, modernity, and Hollywood history. It will be on my syllabus this spring.
James Beard Foundation blog: The American Cuisine You Should Be Eating
American cooking is often celebrated as a melting-pot cuisine, but what about the foods and traditions that came before all of Lady Liberty’s huddled masses stepped into our nation’s kitchens? Oglala Lakota chef Sean Sherman has made it his mission to revive public interest in the food systems of North America’s indigenous populations.
This Is Not a Pipe Podcast: Alexis Shotwell
"Something there feels important to me about...doing what we can from where we are, building our capacity to do more, and refusing to be convinced that it’s hopeless for us to do anything if we can’t solve everything."
More than Prince: 2 new histories of local music explain just what makes us so darn special
City Pages reviews Andrea Swensson's GOT TO BE SOMETHING HERE.
NY Times Opinion: Mysterious Sounds and Scary Illnesses as Political Tools
Co-written by Lisa Diedrich, author of INDIRECT ACTION.
Barbara Fister: 'An eerie journey into small-town Norway and into its darker past'
On THE DEVIL'S WEDDING RING: "As in the Minnesota Trilogy, Vidar Sundstøl is inspired by landscapes and history."
Pioneer Press: Vidar Sundstøl goes dark in new novel
Just in time for Halloween comes Vidar Sundstøl’s new novel “The Devil’s Wedding Ring,” with all the dark elements we love, including a 13th-century stave church, a venerated statue, pagan midsummer rites, a creepy folk tale rooted in Norwegian culture, a ghostly monk and murder.
Ryley Reads: 'A gritty, real crime novel'
THE DEVIL'S WEDDING RING is "a solid story dealing with some ancient folklore and a decent crime novel."
'It's what paleo wants to be': Star Tribune interview with Sean Sherman, Beth Dooley
What’s a quintessential Native American dish? Lee Svitak Dean asks the author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.
MinnPost: New biography of Judge Miles Lord recalls two big cases involving health issues
In an absorbing and page-turning biography, Roberta Walburn describes the remarkable life and career of Miles Lord (1919-2016), one of Minnesota’s most influential — and controversial — jurists.
Star Tribune: 'Part biography, part memoir, and wholly a legal page turner.'
NONFICTION: Roberta Walburn's look at Miles Lord's controversial career as a federal judge is a legal page-turner and an inside history of liberal politics in Minnesota.
The Sydney Morning Herald: What we can learn from our vegetal friends
On THE LANGUAGE OF PLANTS: "This mind-expanding work opens up new ways of apprehending the world."
Law360 | Judging A Book: Miles Lord
"Roberta Walburn, journalist and outstanding litigator, has written a rollicking and spirited biography of her mentor and friend, Miles Lord."
Food & Wine: Sean Sherman on Decolonizing the American Diet
From his home base in Minneapolis, Oglala Lakota chef and educator Sean Sherman's reach extends into many areas. He is studying and promoting indigenous North American foods with projects that range from pop-up dinners to plant taxonomy.
Leonardo: Anthropocene Feminism
The volume fits in a series of recent and upcoming literature that address the Anthropocene era and its devastating effect on our environment.
Culture & Agriculture: Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin
Interview with Thomas Pearson.
Publishers Weekly: The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen
An illuminating guide to Native American food that will enthrall home cooks and food historians alike.